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Don't Squander Your Gift

I want to re-frame what we are dealing with in a positive lens. Being stuck at home without access to a gym and a bunch of equipment allows you to make better health decisions, move more, and work on other problems in a different way. You can still lose weight, get stronger, manage stress, improve your sleep, and improve your mobility. Work on your limitations. Improve that back pain (which will only worsen if you ignore it), loosen those tight muscles, sleep better, manage your stress, start new habits, prep yourself for when you can get back into the gym and your normal life. Optimize your life so you can engage in the things you love to do. Utilize your resources. If you hit a wall or need accountability to stay on track for your goals private message, email, or call me. Are you going to squander it and drink every night? Binge watch Tiger King (which is legit)? What are you going to do with this gift of time you've been given?

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