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How to Strengthen Your Spinal Discs

Bottom Line:

No one wants to deal with back pain.

Whether you’re living with pain today or looking to reduce your risk of injury in the future, you may be curious about how you can strengthen your spine.

When it comes to strengthening spinal discs, it’s wise to start with the body’s core -- the set of muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support your spinal column and help your spinal discs move.

Why it Matters:

Your core needs to have a balance of strength and flexibility to perform at its best.

A strong core allows your body to have the support it needs to move, bend, and twist without causing injuries, and a flexible core is crucial to allowing the body to move well and through a full range of motion.

Together, these physical qualities help you keep your spinal discs healthy, just like movement-based care such as the adjustments we provide.

  • Core exercises can help your back maintain a balance of strength and flexibility.

  • Foam rolling and fascial manipulation can help desensitize tissues so they are ready to work.

  • Good clean movements of the spine promotes the delivery of nutrients to the spinal discs.

  • Spinal adjustments can improve your range of motion and help to decrease pain.

Next Steps:

It's been said that we don't get old and stiff, we get stiff then old. Reality is even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.

It’s much easier to keep your spine moving than to get your spine moving, so start thinking proactively to maintain good health versus being reactive to solving new problems.

There are a lot of things that can be done consistently to add value to your movement and quality of life. If you are stuck on where to start then reach out to us today with any questions and we can brainstorm where to begin. If you have been dealing with acute or chronic pain and been told to just live with it, I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit. Schedule a visit to assess your movement habits and create a plan of action to keep you pain-free and at the top of your game.

Stay Strong, Inspire Others!

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