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Shoulder Stability, Where art Though?

Since we briefly looked at shoulder mobility last week, let's take a quick look at why stability for your shoulder is so important. After all, shoulder stability is different than just moving your arm freely in all directions. What good is all that mobility in the shoulder if you don’t have the control and stability over it? We take the approach that functional movement comes from the core to the periphery in a wave of contraction. If you don't address the spine first then you could be chasing a shoulder or performance problem for years. Excessive thoracic spine flexion (hunched shoulders) contributes to issues up the kinetic chain to the shoulders and neck or down the kinetic chain to the lower back. That's why we set neutral spine before activity and mobilize accordingly (see previous posts). Shoulder stability comes from a combination of good biomechanics and the anterior scapulae musculature which provide a stable base which allows us to optimize the distal mobility of the shoulder we need to use without risking injury. We'll share some great stability exercises next post. Until then reach out and let us know how we can help. Stay Strong, Inspire Others!

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