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Your Own Personal Mr. Miyagi

It's Tuesday night, so of course I'm contemplating the bliss that is the 1984 classic The Karate Kid. What strikes me on my third screening tonight is when Daniel is taken out of the tournament after an illegal kick to his knee. Daniel-San convinces Mr. Miyagi to get him back in the tournament with a healing technique otherwise his hard work and sacrifice would be wasted.

It reminds me a lot of the stories that come in our door. People are workaholics, trying to do better for themselves and putting in the time, sweat, and tears to improve their health until one morning they can't. There is a point where bad mechanics lead to pain. At first you just feel pain after your lift or run, but if ignored long enough your training gets put on hold entirely. Now it's a fundamental belief of a lot of great strength and conditioning coaches that you should have the tools in your belt to take the first crack at fixing your problems and I hope you do, but sometimes you need your very own Mr. Miyagi. Book an appointment and get back in the tournament. Remember, you're the best around and nothing's going to ever take you down.

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