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Flexibility Mobility

What To Expect From Us

  • We see people when their visit starts. Every time. You are not going to sit here and wait for 2 hours wondering if you are going to be seen by the doctor. We are going to see you when you are supposed to be seen for the entire hour.


  • Our appointments are 1 hour long. We expect to see you when your appointment starts, so please do not be late, so you get all your allotted time to problem solve.

  • When you come in you're going to see me one-on-one. Every single time.

  • We're going to dig into the root cause of the problem. We're not going to solve symptoms like many other providers you've seen before.


  • I'm the one that's going to answer calls, texts, or emails to you.


  • I'm going to send you specific homework on exactly what you need to work on. This is not cookie cutter medicine.


  • You're going to get a custom email from me with your homework with links of exactly what to do.


  • We are going to teach you long term solutions to take care of yourself. Great health and wellness does not belong behind an arbitrary paywall.


  • You can expect us to be punctual and on time, every single time, because we value your time. That is your time and our time and we are very punctual. We expect you to be on time and we are going to be on time as well.


  • Most of our clients utilize a package. It allows you to commit the time, energy, and resources to achieve a long term resolution to your problem. This is something we can get into more detail on during your first visit.

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