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Home Mobility Guidelines

Here are the guidelines Rebel Mobility and Fitness promotes for your home mobility program. This will keep your tissues and joints healthy and avoid any setbacks to your active life.

1. No Days Off 10 minutes a day is all you need. Make a list of problem areas to fix because things change day to day. You don’t want it to become so bad you have to see me do you???

2. Listen to your body Distinct difference between discomfort and pain. It’s OK to be uncomfortable (and maybe cry), but we are not trying to create pain.

3. Search and Destroy Mobilize upstream and downstream from the problem areas. No less than 1-2 minutes spent on each problem found while mobilizing.

4. Painful muscles or joints take priority If nothing hurts that day then focus on a problem position, corrective exercises, or other soft tissue problem. Short and tight muscles? Joint Restrictions?

5. Have your tools ready Lacrosse balls, tennis balls, foam rollers, power bands

Let us know if you have questions or if you just want to know how we can help you. Believe in yourself to carry on new rituals even if you are this guy. Stay Strong, Inspire Others!

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